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Using digital cards for online therapy and coaching

The use of metaphors is central in many forms of therapy and coaching. A discovery oriented collaborative process (Angus, 1988) is associated with the development of a mutually shared understanding. The use of metaphoric cards can be highly effective in therapy (Ayalon, 2006) and various different methods have been developed based on the use of therapy cards, for example the See Far CBT protocol (Lahad, 2010) developed for working with PTSD and anxiety.

The transition to online therapy left therapists and coachers without the ability to use the physical cards. To this void Digi Card Therapy entered, providing a highly flexible platform for allowing a shared experience using digital cards. The cards can be moved by both practitioner and client, and sessions can be saved allowing a continued experience from session to session.

Suprisingly, we have found that the digitial solution has found its way back into the physical realm, and now users are shifting to using the digital cards in their clinic due the the convienience, availabilty and speed in which the digital cards can be accessed.

Furthermore, as digital cards are quick to use, other theraputic applications are being discovered, for example the use of metaphoric cards to assist cognitive defusion (an approach to help patients deal with troubling thoughts and memories).

We believe that as mental health practitioners adopt digital tools for online sessions, the will gradually bring more and more tools back into their clinic thus enriching there toolbox and improving the therpautic outcome.

Full disclosure: Adam Leighton is the co-founder of Digi Card Therapy. The site include a variety of different cards decks suited for adults and children including photos, emotions, nature, inspirational quotes, See Far CBT cards and many more.

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